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Club Seventeen is a brand new VR studio with Teen performers and they have launched their first ever VR porn foursome, which is simply awesome. Club Seventeen has only 1 VR porn video right now and you can find that on their website. They have not produced any new VR videos but we can expect updates pretty soon. For bukkake action visit Supported headsets are Samsung Gear VR, Oculus rift and Google cardboard. Access plans: 24 hours access special offer – Free + full content access; 1 month – 27.95€ per month; 12 months – 9.95€ per month. Annual access plan requires you to make the one time full payment and it is non-recurring.

The Dutch men’s magazine Club Seventeen is one of the original magazines of the European erotic industry. The publishing house was significantly involved in the sexual revolution in the mid-seventies and delighted millions of men worldwide with erotic images. Later, the first porn on video cassettes and then on DVD followed. Since 1995 there is a contemporary, fast growing internet presence under the domain

Even though the project is called “Club 17”, all actresses are of course of age. However, the producers have a very good knack of getting really young looking teenage girls in front of the camera. There are hardly any girls who are older than 20 years old. A major difference compared to other teen sex sites is that the actresses are from Central Europe (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Switzerland). So if you care about European teens, is a must read for you!

Since we were also taken with the Club Seventeen porn many years ago, we had to test the erotic site and will tell you our opinions in the test report.


The preview area of alone is worth a visit. First you should click on the German country button in the upper right corner. On the start page you can view numerous photos almost in the original size of the member area. Because of the many information you will get a first-class overview of the services offered by

Below you can find demo galleries of various Club17 photo categories (e.g. schoolgirls, brunettes, unshaven teens, redheads, kinky & fetish teens (BDSM), asian girls, lesbian lovers, casting (Teen Test), shaven girls, winter special, glamour and dreamgirls).

Via the menu item Join, you can complete your membership. The member button enables the login for paying members. Through updates, models and self-portraits you can find more cute teen models and the button Cinema is linked to the video project The shop button takes you to, where you can also order the films on DVD.


The booking of the member area of is very uncomplicated. Just click on the “Join” button in the menu of the preview area or on the discreetly distributed joining links in the preview pages.

A form will open where you can choose your country, payment method and language. Currently payment by credit card, instant bank transfer and phone pay is available. iDeal can only be used by people who have a Dutch bank account. By clicking on continue you will be taken to the VXS Bill payment form, where you enter your personal and payment details. In our test the payment by prepaid credit card failed. If everything went well, the new customer will be shown the access data.

You don’t have to, but you can then click on a CONTINUE in the bottom right corner. Now comes a page with three advertising offers, which we ignore. If you click on WEITER again, you finally get to the login page.


The candy colors of the preview pages also continue in the member area of Thanks to the table design, the start page looks quite tidy despite the numerous information and advertising offers. If you don’t want to get lost in the subpages, simply right-click on the “Photos” and “Movies” buttons and the pages will open in new tabs or browser windows.

The Photos

Once you have opened the “Photo” page, you wonder why the page is suddenly blue. That’s because a different page layout has been designed for each photo genre (blonde, brunette, masturbation, lesbian etc.).
On the genre overview pages, the individual galleries are listed on the basis of a thumbnail of the actress. If you click on the minifoto, you will get to the gallery overview.

It is noticeable that really does book very, very beautiful models. A lot of girls have a “certain something” and it is really fun to click through the galleries. Also the photo quality is above average! Illumination, contrast, sharpness and colour depth… Everything is perfect and has the level of a glossy magazine!

However, Club Seventeen belongs to the production companies where the models are extremely camera-fixed. The girls smile into the camera with a toothpaste smile all the time and the only real feelings you can find is when a guy shoots a good shot of them. So in the solo scenes there is a lot of faking and acting. However, the pictures are made so horny in terms of perspective and content, that you can enjoy them very well even without any orgasm scenes.

The Videos

As it looks, the video section of was added to the members area only a few years later. It is located under a subdomain (subdomain) and has a slightly different design. The user has to adjust to a completely different site structure. However, the video area is also very easy to understand even with little knowledge of English.

Strictly speaking, these are scenes from the Seventeen Ten Videos. You can watch the scenes
sort and filter with various options via the upper menu. If you click on the “Scenes” button, the scenes will be listed chronologically according to their release date. The “DVDs” button allows to list them by DVD and then they are divided into scenes. The “Girls” button allows you to display girls according to your personal taste and will take you to the scenes overview.

The scene overview itself is very tidy and still encourages you to browse further. Besides a short description, the release date, a list of niches (erotic categories), there is the possibility to save the video in a favorites list and to rate it. Underneath there is a box with screenshots of the other scenes on the DVD.

The action in the videos mostly seems very contrived, but due to the sympathy of the models it is stimulating in a certain way. Undisplayed orgasms and real feelings are rather rare in the solo and lesbian videos. In the hardcore sex films, on the other hand, the girls can hardly suppress their urges and enjoy it visibly when the guys give them a good going-over.

Nothing bad can be said about the video quality. The lighting and camera work are mostly professional and very nice perspectives and close-ups are shown.

All in all is a porn site with a high level and professional content. Even though the naturalness and honesty is a bit on the way, the many beautiful and young girls make up for everything.

  • The only thing that is a bit annoying is the login with a captcha graphic.
  • You have to enter your username + password every time and type in an annoying graphic.
  • If the browser does not accept cookies and the session expires after half an hour of inactivity, you always have to enter a new code.
  • On the other hand, if you accept cookies, you will not be bothered with any password requests for 30 days.


The teen sex site is incredibly memorable. On all subpages, t-shirts, photos and videos, the Club Seventeen logo shines out to the viewer. The site design is absolutely successful. It is professional, perfectly shaped, has harmonious colors and everything fits. Due to the design with tables and boxes, the Club17 page looks very tidy and easy to read.

The page structure is also good to get through after a good hour, if you have understood the huge structure of the giga porn site. Only the jump between the photo and video area is a bit irritating – it’s best to stick to the above mentioned tip to open the pages in new browser tabs / windows.

Termination can be cancelled very easily. On the website you will find a button “FAQ” in the upper right corner. This is called “Frequently asked questions”, which in turn translates as “Most frequently asked questions”. The first question is: “How do I cancel?” and below you will find three links. We need the first link “Club Seventeen Members”. Clicking on it opens a window with a cancellation form in English.

If you enter your pseudonym, password, name and email address there, you will get an advertising offer after clicking on the CONTINUE button, but you can ignore it. With another click on “Continue” the cancellation confirmation is displayed and an email is sent immediately. Further spam or other annoyances will not follow.


As expected, the teen erotic site did not disappoint us. The producers have decades of experience in the porn business and know what the market demands, how to find horny models and how to put them in the spotlight. The porn and erotic photos are of high quality and the surfer can easily find (European!) actresses who fit his booty scheme. Also the web design is absolutely flawless and it is fun to look at the horny young chicks. Only the jumping back and forth between the different page layouts takes some getting used to in the beginning. Furthermore the models often act out their feelings.

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