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Dorcel VR is started by the popular French adult producer Marc Dorcel and with the strong backing of an existing adult studio, quality performances and hot sluts you can expect great VR Porn content. Dorcel VR has only 2 VR porn videos and they are not updating new VR content, much to the disappointment of the fans. Supported headsets include Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR, Oculus rift and HTC Vive. They follow price per movie plan and right now, you have to pay $10.84 to watch a VR porn movie. Fivesome experience is going to give you a whole new level of fun.

Anyone who likes to watch German and European porn beyond the porn tube world and who also values a certain style and good quality is guaranteed to know the porn label Marc Dorcel. Marc Dorcel is a French porn producer who has been shooting and marketing erotic films since 1979. He has participated in the invention and development of data carriers, video production techniques and also the publication of porn. Among other things, “thanks to him” erotic films are as they are today.

The company Marc Dorcel Dorcel is based in France and is as famous there as ORION or Beate Uhse are in Germany. It even runs its own erotic TV station called DorcelTV. Dorcel is currently researching various virtual reality and 3D techniques. Some famous porn stars have started their career with Marc Dorcel such as Katsumi, Ellen Saint, Laura Angel or Anna Polina. The Dorcel porn is internationally highly appreciated because of its very high quality and is only available in well-assorted porn stores. Dorcel has won countless AVN Awards and XBIZ Awards.

The erotic site dorcel is the ultimate address where you can watch Marc Dorcel pornos first hand and also freshly produced, on your TV, monitor or tablet. I was very curious myself what dorcel has to offer and did a test for you. In the following you will find out all the advantages and disadvantages of Dorcel and whether it is worth registering. If you have any questions about Marc Dorcel or this review, just write a comment below this review.


When you enter the site, the first thing that appears is the typical American protection of minors. This consists of a text that says that you are visiting a page with pornographic content. If I could not read the English text, the barely dressed lady would speak for herself. To enter the erotic page, click on the purple button “I’m at least 18 ENTER”.

Although dorcel is registered to a French address in Paris, the preview pictures flash towards us uncensored. Fortunately, there is nothing to be seen from bars or pixelated parts of the picture, which make the interesting parts unrecognizable. What stands out is the very attractive and noble design of the preview area. This could also appeal to women, who, as is well known, place more value on “style” in porn movies.

By the way, the preview area is surprisingly extensive. On other pages you can “click wherever you want” on the preview page and are immediately redirected to the registration.

In the upper area you find the menu, which leads to the different areas. If you click on one of the items you can even get there and have a look around. As an example the menu item “Our Videos” should serve here. By clicking on it, one gets to the overview page of the videos. Very good is that each film is presented with a large preview – picture.

It gets even better, if you leave the mouse a little bit over the picture. Then a slideshow starts, which presents various still images from the respective film. But if you click on one of the pictures, the generosity is over. At the latest now, a window opens that asks for the registration.

Such a feature-rich and well-designed preview area is rarely found, which underlines the seriousness of this sex egg.


I have seldom seen such a simple registration, which starts with the button “Join Now” in the upper right corner. If the page is displayed in French, click on the “FR” also in the upper right corner and change it to “EN”.

A page will open where you enter an email address, choose a membership and the payment method. The nice thing is that you are informed that these are recurring payments. Unfortunately no word is said about how to cancel them. Even if it is more expensive, I also recommend the “monthly membership”. With the two-day test account I know from my own experience that there are a lot of restrictions and you are forced to book a monthly account anyway.

As always, I strongly recommend that you only enter an e-mail address that has been created for porn sites. If you want to book the sex site anonymously, or without the knowledge of your wife/partner, you can use a prepaid credit card or paysafecard. After clicking on the pink button “Click here to join today”, a very clear page opens, where you enter your credit card number, expiry date and the Card Verification Code (CVV). The billing system is called be2bill.

Very nice that there are no pre-filled forms at all. Some providers try to undercut one or the other account additionally. This is absolutely not the case here – very fair. You now click on the VALIDATE button. Fortunately, our NETELLER prepaid credit card was accepted. At the same time you will be redirected to a page that says “Welcome” in French. Underneath you will find the username and password for the site.

It is important to check if a confirmation by e-mail has been received. If not, you should print out the page or copy the data. That was it with the registration. A little tip: If the language is French somewhere, just click on the “FR” symbol in the upper right corner to select English again.


After the registration is done, you will find yourself directly in the member area. It is nice to be directed there directly, without the need to register, and automatically logged in.

The member area is hardly different from the preview area – with one exception: In the upper right corner there are now two buttons for logout and to get information about the account.

The start page also offers what you know from the preview area. The upper part is taken up by a slideshow that informs about special productions. Below it you will find an overview of the latest films and the best porn stars. The lower part is taken up by various links to other pages of the network.

  • Our Films: Here you can find, as the name says, the films. At the top of the overview page you can see a bar where you can select the categories. The overview does not show many details about the movies except title and running time. But the small “sticker” is noticeable. It shows in which highest resolution the film is available. For more information you have to click on the preview picture to get to the detail page.
  • Our Series: This menu item is a bit misleading. By “Series” one understands at least films, which have the same title. At dorcel, however, the categories are called series! You can do well, but you have to get used to it first.
  • Our Girls: Now we come to one of the most important points of a porn site – the actresses. And this is where dorcel can really score. The porn ladies are all really beautiful. Sure it’s also a question of your own taste – but even subjectively, there are no outliers even below. Of course French women are in the majority on a French erotic site. But with the reputation that France has in eroticism, this is not a disadvantage. After all, the women know French very well.
  • Making of: If you ever wanted to know how a porn movie is made, this is the place to go. Interestingly enough, dorcel has made it into a separate menu item. Well, this secondary exploitation makes it easy to increase the number of films by quite a bit.
  • Promos and Favorites: These two menu items are simply for making further subscriptions (Promo) or for displaying the films saved as favorites (Favorites).

The Marc Dorcel porn movies

After I have briefly introduced the sections of the site, we now come to the most important: the films. The latest porn is always high-quality footage in Ultra-HD resolution of 4k (but only in the download section). The oldest films from the 80s have fortunately been digitized! You can clearly see that the quality was different back then.

For playing, as almost everywhere, a modern HTML5 player is used. It is not the obsolete Flash Player. Very good! The player is already quite large in the window view. If you like it full screen, you can switch it to full screen mode by mouse click. You can also switch the quality of the videos. These are between 240p for slow computers or smartphones and 1080p HD if speed is not important.

As already mentioned, the films can also be downloaded. By clicking on the big red button below the player a box opens. In this box you can select the desired quality. This is also between 240p and 1080p. For the latest porn movies you can also choose the Ultra-HD resolution with 4k. For this, however, you have to have plenty of free space on the hard disk. Because in this resolution, a 30-minute film can already accumulate several gigabytes.

I can also say only positive things about the content of the films. Whether woman-man, lesbian sex, threesomes with two men or two women, gangbang or reverse gangbang. All horny varieties are represented. There is also domination of woman or man, but only in a few films. The scenes are usually really horny! Varied perspectives, perfect lighting, great locations and beautiful models make the Dorcel porn a really horny feast for the eyes! Many films have a feature film character and will also appeal to many women.

The Marc Dorcel photos

Under each erotic video there is also a thumbnail gallery with the corresponding photos of the scene. The pictures can be viewed in a reduced size in a navigable web page window, or downloaded as a ZIP file. In the Zip file the photos have a pin sharp resolution of 5760 × 3840 pixels.

As professional as the photos look, the shoot was probably interrupted repeatedly for a few shots. You can also see on the photos that Marc Dorcel’s photographers know their craft. The actors are perfectly set in scene. The lighting is harmonious and the camera settings are perfectly adjusted.

It is also fun to look at the photos in silence, because there the scene “stands still” and the “moment” can be enjoyed.


There is also special praise for the design. If I could give 10 points for it, I would do it straight. At no point do you get the feeling that you are on a porn site where you can see cheap productions. The color combination with the purple tones is very eye-friendly and appealing. In all areas the navigation is absolutely self-explanatory and simple. With school English knowledge you can move without any problems.

If you want to find something to complain about, then the font is a little too small in places. But then you would have to complain on a damn high level.


Even termination is very simple. To do this, you click on “My Account”. A new page opens, where we are interested in the item “Cancellation”. Here you enter your e-mail address and password. Now you have to check “I am not a robot” and with a click on “Unsuscribe” the cancellation is done. An email also confirms the cancellation of the subscription again in writing.


I must say, I was rarely allowed to test a better site like dorcel. From the simple registration – about the beautiful women who participate (almost) everything – up to the simple cancellation dorcel does everything right. Marc Dorcel not only shoots fabulously horny porn, but also knows how to market it professionally. Many pornos are even women-friendly and can be watched during a porn evening together. Great, is that many films were even dubbed in German.

When you watch Dorcel porn, you wonder why other video labels can’t produce such extremely high-definition and high-quality films. You get the feeling of watching feature films like on television.

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