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Hologirls VR is a premier VR porn studio and they claim to be implementing advanced VR filming methods and sex cam VR videos are either in 270˚ or 360˚. Hologirls VR porn database has more than 105 videos and ever week, they add 2 new VR porn videos and sometime they even add 3 per week.

Supported devices include Gear VR, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Cardboard. Membership plans: 1 month recurring plan – $19.99 + Free headset with $3.99 S&H; 3 month recurring – $53.99; 1 year recurring – $179.99. Free headset with free S&H is standard for the last two plans.

Hologirlsvr.com delivers an ingenious VR offer. The portal creates a rich offer of exclusive VR porn. In 2017 the portal could already receive 2 awards. New content is regularly loaded on the English language portal. Among the actresses porn stars can be found. So you can have virtual sex with famous porn stars in just a few clicks. Choose from VR porn, like Angel n Danger, Poke A Ho: Misty or Double your pleasure.

Pros and cons


  • Can be used 100% mobile
  • Secure payment methods
  • Awarded VR Videos
  • Regular updates
  • Exclusive & active community


  • Customer service offers only one web form
  • No anonymous payments possible
  • No official app
  • No free erotic offer


According to experience, the VR media on hologirlsvr.com can be loaded within milliseconds. The portal offers not only HD videos, but also pictures in high resolution.

Fun factor

According to the information of the portal operator, hologirlsvr.com is a number 1 VR porn portal. After registration, the VR videos can be downloaded and viewed in any number. The portal offers videos and pictures of the most popular top porn stars. With the videos the clear sound is especially emphasized. By the way, through the membership on hologirlsvr.com you get a free VIP membership to RLCvr and the Red Light Center 2 Beta!


Pictures in high resolution resolution can be found in the Stars section. Just click on one of the models and you can download their profiles and more pictures. Offer: On hologirlsvr.com you can choose from an exclusive erotic offer.

Prices, packages & terms

  • At hologirlsvr.com you can choose from the following price options:
  • 30-day membership for a price of 24.95 US dollars. The debit is per month.
  • 1-year membership at a price of 5.95 US dollars per month. The amount is billed as a total amount of $71.40 US.

The erotic offer of hologirlsvr.com can not be accessed for free yet.

Where is the company located?

The VR Portal is operated by the company HoloFilm Productions, LLC.

Since when is the company and further information available?

The videos and the name of the VR portal HoloGirls are a trademark of the company HoloFilm Productions, LLC.

Is the company reputable?

The name of the portal operator can be found in the footers of the portal. Furthermore you can find the declaration of distance 18 U.S.C. that all actors and actresses have reached the age of 18 at the time of shooting.

Is SSL encryption available?

When paying on the VR portal hologirlsvr.com your payment data will be transferred via a secure 128 Bit SSL encryption.

Viruses/Malware on the platform

We have not found any viruses, malware or spyware during the test period.

What awards, seals, distinctions etc. are there?

Already in 2017, the VR Portal could win the coveted AVN Awards for Best VR Scene Angel ‘n Danger and Best Virtual Reality Innovation / Site!


On alexa.com, hologirlsvr.com ranks 119,592 internationally and 97,491 in Germany. By clicking on the play button the VR videos start immediately. Before you have decided on a login, the VR videos are displayed in a short version. Videos with a length of 1:45 min and longer can be watched for free. In addition, the 180 degree technology can be used. So you can get an insight into the quality and the possibilities of the VR videos without having to register.

How fast do the videos and the website load?

In our experience, the VR videos on hologirlsvr.com can be loaded within milliseconds.

General appearance of the website

On hologirlsvr.com you can upload VR videos directly as long as the videos are online. To download the videos you only need to click on the video link. In the Stars section you can see the established hologirlsvr.com VR Stars. All in all the VR portal has a modern design with easy navigation.

The login area

The portal provides the red button Join now at the top right. Clicking on the button loads a web form. The first thing to do is to select a payment method. Then the choice of subscription is made. If you have a hologirlsvr.com promotion code, you can enter it in the third step. Enter your email address and a password. Then you choose the payment method and enter your payment details. In our experience, your account is created within minutes.

Mobile app

Is the erotic offer available via app and is it worth it? A mobile access to hologirlsvr.com is possible, but has to be done without an official app. You can easily access the complete erotic offer if you use current mobile web browsers. In this case we can clearly recommend the mobile use. Hologirlsvr.com is worth to be used mobile as stand-alone version.

Deposits and withdrawals

At hologirlsvr.com you can choose from the following payment methods:

  • VISA credit card
  • Mastercard credit card
  • Discover
  • JCB
  • Checque
  • Bitcoin


The hologirlsvr.com customer service is available via a web form and the epoch.com customer service. When using the web form, the following information must be provided:

  • Email address
  • OS version
  • Mobile Device / Video Card
  • video player
  • Video Title
  • Message

We see a clear need for improvement in the provision of customer service! The hologirlsvr.com customer service could be better positioned.

What is written on the bank statement?

The payments are processed by epoch.com. This means that the booking text will be epoch.com. In our experience, the booking text does not relate to your membership at hologirlsvr.com.

Am I anonymous on the portal?

You can move on hologirlsvr.com completely anonymously even after login. On hologirlsvr.com there is the possibility for a 100% anonymity level.

Age check explained in a few steps

Officially there is no concrete age check on hologirlsvr.com. Only before the start page of the portal is loaded, a query is made whether you are at least 18 years old.


Your cancellation must be sent to epoch.com customer service. The customer service can be loaded by clicking on the Billing Support button.


The VR portal hologirlsvr.com offers an exclusive VR environment and regular updates. The videos can be viewed on mobile or laptop. The videos can be started directly from the website in the Videos section. The portal operator proves to be serious and the payment methods are secure. We can clearly recommend the VR offer hologrilsvr.com!

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