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Virtual Taboo VR porn studio is relatively small and you can find Spanish and Russian beauties in immersive long VR videos, which is the differentiator. Virtual Taboo VR porn video library accounts to about 47 videos right now. They are updating one VR video per week. If you are into fetish VR experiences, you may also like Virtual Taboo VR videos can be viewed using your Samsung Gear VR, Oculus rift, Android smartphones and iPhone. Pay per video and monthly subscription plans are offered. Pay per video will cost you 5.95€ per video. Subscription plans: 1 month – 14.95€ for Paysite-cash & 15.95€ for Sofort payments; 3 months – 26.95€ for Paysite-cash & 39.95€ for Sofort; 1 year – 69.95€ for Paysite-cash & 114.95€ for Sofort.

Virtual Taboo is one of those companies that focus all their attention on making excellent Virtual Reality porn videos. They are totally focused on quickly improving and changing according to their clients’ wishes. Virtual Taboo is a perfect example of this kind of approach and perfection. Although they can’t compete with the launch schedule of long-established companies, they focus on their strength: the quality, variety and duration of the videos.

Virtual Reality offers a whole new way to experience pornography. It offers intimacy, closeness, emotions and the feeling of being with the other person. It is simply not comparable to your usual everyday porn. These fundamental differences allow for new ways to experience and produce great content. Virtual Taboo is one of the leaders in this revolution that is now taking hold of the adult industry.

Located in Cyprus, Virtual Taboo is a small virtual reality porn site launched in December 2015. As they are not part of any network, they only offer virtual content. As their name suggests, they try to distinguish themselves from other sites by focusing on “taboo stories”. They have come a long way since their first videos and are convincing because of their passion in trying to make them perfect.

How realistic and immersive is the VR experience?

VR relies heavily on advanced equipment and complex filming and post-processing techniques. Apparently, a low budget website like Virtual Taboo would have difficulty competing with huge websites like Wankz VR and Naughty America VR in this area. So, to be honest, we didn’t have high expectations in terms of video quality before we started visiting the site. But it turns out we were wrong.

Virtual Taboo meets the standards by looking at the video specs. They use full stereoscopic 3D with a 180° field of view, head tracking and binaural audio. Some videos are 60 fps, others 50 fps. We don’t know why they are not consistent with this, but 50 fps videos are not noticeably less smooth.

This is a good start, but it doesn’t say everything. We’ve seen many other sites that meet the standard, but they lag behind in terms of clarity and scaling. In terms of image quality, Virtual Taboo behaves like a leader.

So we put Virtual Taboo to the test, extensively testing their video collection. Details to keep in mind: we didn’t find a single flaw in any of these areas. The image is very clear and reasonably sharp. Everything is perfectly in proportion and feels very realistic.

You might want to improve your lighting techniques a bit, because the colors are not as bright and vivid as we have seen elsewhere. But overall, in video quality, Virtual Taboo can easily compete with the best.

Video specifications

  • Type: Full stereoscopic 3D
  • Resolutions: 2880 x 1440 (Oculus & GearVR), 1920 x 960 (smartphones)
  • Framerate: 60 fps and 50 fps
  • Size: varies from 5 GB (1440p Oculus) to 1.6 GB (960p smartphone)
  • Length of videos: varies from 14 to 50 minutes
  • Others: 180° FOV, heaad tracking, binaural audio

How tempting are the scenes?

Knowing how to produce a solid video in terms of image quality doesn’t necessarily say much about the quality of the production. The latter refers to the content of the videos.

This is where Virtual Taboo has yet to evolve a bit. Supposedly they specialize in stories that should not be talked about (taboo stories), however, we see little of this in videos. If there is an introduction, it adds nothing to the scene. There is very little dialogue and most of the time it is a simple action.

Sexual positions in non- solo videos are very basic and repetitive. What is interesting, however, is that Virtual Taboo experiments with different types of video. In some scenes you are the voyeur watching the action. Something we’re seeing a lot more of lately on other sites as well.

Most solo videos are between 14 and 20 minutes long. Sex videos are quite long compared to other sites and are between 25 and 50 minutes long.

Virtual Taboo Sets and Locations

In a normal porn video, the set doesn’t add much, since it’s all about the action. In virtual reality, you feel like you’re in the scene, so the environment plays an important role in the experience.

However, as there is little originality in the shooting of the scenes, there is also originality in the choice of the set. Most scenes are shot indoors, in a small living room or in bedrooms. The sets are simple and quite boring, some of them make you feel as if you were in a cheap brothel.

How is the diversity of videos and models and the frequency of updating?

While the first video dates from December 2015, at this time the Virtual Taboo collection contains over 375 videos. They release 2 new videos every week, but they started at a much slower pace.

In the video collection you will find many solo scenes, lesbians, sex toys, strippers, but generally little variety of genres. Do not expect niches like slaves or extreme hardcore. For the most part, the “taboo” is relatively mild.

As we mentioned, some videos are from a third person perspective (like 2D porn), where you are watching others having sex. Virtual Taboo also has some lesbian videos taken from a woman’s point of view, which is interesting.

Virtual Taboo: model quality

In Virtual Taboo videos there are currently 180 different models. The girls are mostly from Eastern Europe and Russia, but there are also some Latinas and some Asians. It’s a mix of blondes, brunettes, girls in their 20s and 30s and some teenagers.

What is the user experience of the site and what devices are supported?

The Virtual Taboo site was completely revamped in 2018. We weren’t very enthusiastic about the previous one, so this was a necessary upgrade. The new site has a very bright and clean design and is quite minimalist, which we like.
You have a lot of information in every Virtual Taboo videoYou have a lot of information in every Virtual Taboo video

With the new redesign, Virtual Taboo now also offers filter options, so you can quickly navigate by genre. The site offers free previews of all your videos. The previews give a pretty good idea of what the video is and are a good way to see if your collection fits your tastes.

Next to each video you can choose the download for your device. Currently, Virtual Taboo supports the following devices:

  • Smartphone (for all variants)
  • Samsung Gear VR
  • Oculus Rift / HTC Vive
  • PlayStation VR
  • Oculus Go

We get an average download speed of 10 MB/s, which varies from 7 to 11 MB/s, so at peak times, you can expect somewhat slower download speeds.

Virtual Taboo: Value for money

Virtual Taboo does a lot to attract new visitors. Everyone can freely access its image galleries and you can also download a series of free VR porn videos.

As we said before, Virtual Taboo is not part of any pornographic network, so its access is limited to its own virtual content. With at least one new video added every week, their offer is growing rapidly. They used to offer a pay per video model as well, but now the site already has a number of videos to give enough value for a monthly subscription.

With the renewal of the website and the expansion of the video collection, Virtual Taboo has set its price at $29.99 ($27) for the monthly subscription, which is at the same level as most other studios. You can choose a 3-month membership for $19.99 each month, or pay $99.99 for a full year, where the month will be just $8.33.

Other interesting options are to pay video by video, where each video will cost you $9.99, or to get a lifetime membership with full access to all videos for only $250.00, which doesn’t seem like a bad option for anyone who likes Virtual Taboo videos.

Virtual Taboo has gotten much better over the years. They now have over 375 videos and a very intuitive website. Although the scenes lack a bit of variety, the video image quality is more than good, so if you like their style, for $29.99 it will be worth it.


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