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VR 3000 porn studio was launched in June 2016 and they are experts in providing wide array of VR porn videos in TruVR Ultra 4K 180 3D picture quality. VR 3000 porn video library accounts to about 24 high res VR and they say that they are uploading one high quality VR porn per week.  If you like it hardcore, then rather visit http://vrslavegirl.com/. VR 3000 porn videos can be viewed using your Samsung Gear VR, Oculus rift, Cardboard, Android and Apple smartphones. Membership plans: 1 month – $15.95 at 44% off; 3 months – $29.95 at 50% off; 12 months – $79.95 at 44% off. You can join now and get these attractive discounts to watch HD VR.

Check out the hottest porn stars & amateurs in VR version! The videos are available in Ultra HD quality, 3D version, 60 fps and in 4k. Download the VR videos on your laptop, beamer, smartphone or iPhone. The videos are uncensored and show more and more hot women from the porn scene. The portal is suitable for all lovers of VR videos and porn videos in Ultra HD.

Pro and contra


  • Weekly updates
  • Community is constantly growing
  • Payment processor is epoch
  • Use is 100% mobile
  • Access to Ultra HD videos & exclusive VR videos


  • No free VR offer
  • High subscription prices
  • No app available
  • No anonymous payment method


All videos on the exclusive VR portal are available in HD quality. They were shot for VR glasses in the corresponding VR perspective for men.

Fun factor

New VR videos are uploaded weekly. A download is not necessary. The VR videos can thus be viewed in stream on a laptop, smartphone or iPhone without any problems. The VR videos can be viewed without restriction after login. A high transfer rate is offered for the transmission.


Up to now, vr3000.com only offers a small number of images. If you are looking for a large supply of images, you should look for another VR portal. On vr3000.com there is a very good VR video offer.


On vr3000.com you can choose from the following paid subscriptions:

  • 1-month membership for $19.95 instead of $29.95
  • 3-month membership for 13.31 US dollars / month, instead of the previous 59.95 US dollars
  • 12-month membership for US$6.66 / month, instead of US$142.95

Compared to other VR portals, the prices on vr3000.com are in the upper price segment. This means that there are significantly cheaper VR providers, which is ultimately reflected in the current points rating.

Where is the company located?

In the footers of the VR portal there is no information about the name and address of the company. We see a clear need for improvement here. Since when has the company and further information been available? The VR Portal has been online for a few years. According to the company, one goal is to make the VR portal vr3000.com the VR number 1 erotic portal.

Is the company serious?

At first sight it is a serious VR Portal. Then it shows that the name of the company is not given, nor is an address. The payment processing is done by epoch.com. This way the level of seriousness can be raised again. The only payment methods offered so far are payment by PayPal or credit card. The portal can only be rated as serious to a limited extent so far.

Among the partners of vr3000.com are the following:

  • YAHOO Finance!
  • MarketWatch
  • business journal

Is SSL encryption available?

Payments are transferred from epoch.com using a secure SSL encryption of at least 128 bits.

Viruses/malware on the platform

According to our experience so far, no viruses or spyware have been found on the VR portal.

What awards, seals, distinctions etc. are there?

The VR portal vr3000.com has not yet received any seals, awards or international distinctions.

Usability, design & technical performance

Vr3000.com takes the place of 299,394 on alexa.com While the portal in Germany ranks 142,251, the website in the USA ranks 186,882. vr3000.com’s VR Head Tracker provides realistic 3D perspectives.

How fast do the videos and the website load?

According to current experience, the VR videos on vr3000.com can be loaded in milliseconds.

General appearance of the website

Vr3000.com offers a VR portal with a first-class design. The videos in VR-perspective are available in HD quality. The navigation is kept simple. A download is not necessary, because the videos can be loaded directly in the stream. With your official access to vr3000.com you get access to 1,000 of HD videos and exclusive VR videos.

The login area

In our experience, registration on the VR portal is completed within a few minutes. Choose your user name and a password. Then choose a subscription and one of the 2-3 possible payment methods. Now all you have to do is click on the button “Get full VR access”.

Is the offer available via app and is it worth it?

No official app is offered on vr3000.com. The vr3000.com team offers its customers a mobile in web browser. The VR videos shot in 180-degree format can also be viewed in their entirety on mobile devices. The playback of the video depends on your network provider. We can recommend switching to WLAN for mobile charging and viewing, if possible.

Deposits and withdrawals

As the current test shows, the following payment methods are available:

  • Credit card payment by Mastercard or VISA
  • PayPal payment

Customer Service

A simple web form is offered on vr3000.com as a customer service. The following information must be entered in the form before the message is sent to customer service:

  • Name
  • email address
  • Message

So far, there is no live chat and no free hotline.

What does it say on the account statement?

On the account statement you will find epoch.com when the account is debited. In rare cases, the name vr3000.com may be found.

Am I anonymous on the portal?

In our experience, you can move anonymously on the VR portal vr3000.com.

Age check explained in a few steps

Experience has shown that no age check is performed on vr3000.com. Here we see a further need for improvement.


An address of the company is not offered on vr3000.com. Since payment processing is handled by epoch.com, the cancellation must be sent to epoch.com customer service in a timely manner.


Vr3000.com delivers an exciting VR video offering. Unfortunately there is only a small range of payment methods available so far. Therefore the payment processing is taken over by epoch.com. The address of the portal operator is not given on vr3000.com. A German language version of the VR portal is not yet available. The goal of the company behind the portal is to become the number 1 VR portal.

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